The Windermere Commercial Spa

RRP: £7,850.00 - £8,210.00    
SAVE:  £1000.00

The Windermere Commercial spa has been specifically designed for the holiday industry. Working on a vast range of hot tubs throughout the country, carrying out servicing, repairs and daily water care we have gained unsurpassed knowledge that we have implemented into the design and build of the Windermere Commercial spa. Working closely with our supplier in America we have aided them with our experience and knowledge to build a hot tub that stands up to the wear and tear of this industry! A hot tub that will be enjoyed.. not destroyed!



  • Jets- 28 fixed stainless steel jets
  • Lighting- x1 3” underwater LED
  • Seating- 7 seats
  • Heater- 2kw
  • Pump- 2.5hp
  • Ozone system- fitted as standard
  • Control- 2 button control system
  • Lid system- Hercules hard top lid system
  • Power- 13 or 20 amp
  • Dimensions- 189cm x 189cm x 81cm
  • Dry weight- 193kg
  • Filled weight- 1330kg
  • Spa water volume- 1135L

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